Nov 3, 2011

Japan 2011 The 2nd day

typical Japanese breakfast
So I left the hotel around 8:20am or so (after a big breakfast at a local eatery), a bit late, I didnt get much sleep last night, anyway, so I take a taxi, which was pretty easy, I just wheeled by bags to the nearest street and raised my hand at the first taxi that passed, boom, get to the station and buy the right ticket to the right place, at the right time, then I had to get to the right platform on time, which I did, but while it was easy to find in a hurry in morning rush hour busy station, I found it difficult to rush around with two huge bags in fast moving crowds, but somehow I found the right platform at the right time, get on the train, didn't care which car though I knew that most cars were for reserved tickets only, I had to find the non-reserved cars. Anyway, I was on the right train, didn't matter to me if I wasn't on the right section - it was the limited express which only made like 5 stops before mine instead of something like twice that many.

So arrival to the Hamamatsu station and meet "J" and "Y", who then take me to the real estate office where we get the keys and directions to find the apartment. Then we get a cab and now I'm in my new place, it's tiny, I'll show you in some video footage later. When we got here, we checked the place for faults, when they left i felt pretty fizzled, then I unpacked, and walked around and got semi lost. Hours later, I finally find my building, its kinda enclosed on all sides by other houses instead of roads. Anyway I have a good idea of the area, for me getting lost is part of understanding an area recognizing landmarks, etc. Sun sets around 5, seems really early to be dark... anyway it's been warm here, low 70s high 60s, I saw its snowing in Denver :3
My apartment
It's 9:14pm as I write this on Wednesday, today was long, in fact the last 3 days have all kind of blurred together, sorta feels like I teleported here but I have familiar dreams of being on a few airplanes, a few trains, a few taxis, the subway, walking, I found a few places to buy a bike, might make life a lot easier, considering the investment, it seems like a worthy thing to invest in, the future is still uncertain and yet there is a lot of prep for success. Buying essentials for kitchen/bathroom/etc seems like a necessary gamble. Funny how we often have to base decisions on chance and hope that luck and timing and circumstance will bare fruit. Even if it does bare fruit it won't be ripe for long enough to feel like it could not happen on account of all the un foreseen variables. Everywhere I go I don't understand most of the things I read and hear. The intrigue sometimes makes me feel isolated, like there is an invisible buffer between myself and everyone, but this is also very compelling, while it can be easy to just be insulated by the void of ignorance I can also be motivated to learn more, more quickly!