Nov 22, 2011

Sensei & Tea

New Fave Drink!
So its been a few weeks since I've written last. Beyond the cliche intro, I lot of interesting things have happened to me. So its midway through the last week of November of 2011 and things are looking good.
Last time I blogged, I had just arrived and things were a bit crazy. Things are still crazy but thankfully less so. I lack a daily routine still, although I have met a lot of really nice people both Japanese and other foreign teachers.

But before I get into what has happened since I have arrived in Japan, I will touch on a recent find that has been a positive light on an uncertain time and that is the wonderful drink called CORN TEA!! So I will start with a simple quote from the good ol' Wikipedia:
Oksusu cha (literally "corn tea") is a traditional Korean tisane made from boiled roasted corn kernels. wiki link
So for most of the first week of November, I was getting over jet lag, which was more about eating than sleeping. My first day of training was on the 5th, a Saturday. My task was simple and would be simple in theory for the next two weeks, which in retrospect have flown by! I was given a binder with template formatted directions written painstakingly by some or many teachers before me. Most of the directions are from Nagoya so because I'm in Hamamatsu they just provided station names and instructions to get from the train station to the class room. Anyway, my tast is to figure out the train system in and around my city. For the first 3 weeks I have traveled all over western Shizuoka-ken and parts of Aichi-ken. Observing classes and taking notes. It's been very interesting and challenging. I've met lots of Japanese/Foreign teachers. I don't expect to visit so many  far away schools again, I will be mainly based in Hamamatsu area or so I am told. It's been expensive traveling around.

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