Dec 19, 2011

Winter Comes

It is now December and more than half way though the month. I have been teaching English 5 days a week to children and have had a lot of fun in the process. This month we have a Xmas theme which means lots of special Xmas parties, which means lots of special planning of games and crafts for parties.

I finally got my Alien Registration Card today, two weeks after I applied and was approved to get it. Not sure why it took so  long but anyway, yet another hurdle overtaken! As many hurdles as I have overtaken in my race towards my eventual goals, which I may talk about another time, it seems like they never end! I now need to get a "Hanko" basically a signature stamp. This will allow me to finally get a bank account or do other important financial activities.

There are parties and events to attend this month, which I am excited about. I have met many many people, all of which (besides the other foreigners I work with, but rarely see) are Japanese, which is what I want really, as I need to learn the language and eventually do business here for myself. There are many different groups of Japanese that I have met, mostly through one friend, I made, who has shown me what seems like almost limitless kindness and generosity. Besides the artists/designers/coders/photographers I work with Japanese women daily.

I may blog again before next month but I am excited to see what next month brings! Check out my photos on Google+ as I spend more time taking photos than putting my thoughts into words in the form of this blog.

Happy Holidays!

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