Jan 2, 2012

See a New Year Sea

Since November 1st I have been walking to get around outside of taking trains or buses. It's always fascinating how one's perspective changes when one's mode of transportation changes. A train, car, or bus are such stark contrasts to walking that I feel like its easier to switch perspectives. But when on a bicycle you get all the same elements of walking but it all happens much quicker. The temperatures are relatively similar and you work to move, you are vulnerable to the weather and bigger vehicles so spending two months walking to suddenly having the ability to see more and do more in less time is really fun. Yesterday, January 1st I rode my bike along the big river I  live next to. I live about 2.5 miles (as the bird flies) from the coast but the river doesn't go in a straight line so I rode much more than that.

Memories of my first two months in Shizuoka.
Happy New Year!!

So much bad and good happens every year, no matter how bad or how good it gets we have to stay positive while respecting those who's lives are imbalanced by bad times. May 2012 be better than 2011.

I get 3 days of actual vacation days, not including weekends. I have one scheduled day off in January outside of National Holidays or Sundays. Next month as a Children's English teacher involves tests for the kids which should be interesting to administer since from what I hear there have been problems in the past. February will be my first month of receiving full payment due to various reasons which should be interesting.

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