Mar 26, 2012

Konnichiwa Nikon D7000!

Sayonara days of limited quality and control! 
A new adventure begins.

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When I first got into photography it was a SLR Pentax that my dad got me for my birthday. I was pretty young, I don't recall the age I was, but it was pretty cool. Later I got to use the family's Sony Mavica on some vacation, I don't recall the details but digital cameras were cool. In the early years of the new millennium I got a Sony Mavica CD1000 which used mini CDs as the medium to record to. It has an amazing zoom! And a whopping (at the time) 5 mega pixels!

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Then in 2005 I got a Nikon E8800 (aka Coolpix 8800) I got this camera specifically because I was going to Japan, while in Art School, and wanted to record the experience. For the past 7 years this camera has been my little window into capturing time and all its glory and sharing it with others. With its amazing zoom and (at the time) massive 8 mega pixels the E8800 was great until it broke. Well it didn't really break in that it didn't stop working... completely. I was sweating in humidity and exploring a park in central Tokyo when suddenly i got an "error 2". So I turned it off and then on again and could take another photo and was happy, "Oh, it's not broken!" I told myself, for lack of anyone else to share the news with.
But, to my dismay, I was greeted on completion of writing to the CF card that same error. This was to be my curse from then on. click-->error-->turn off-->turn on--> repeat.  In 2010 I took it to a Nikon Service Center in Ginza and found that it would cost about $250 to repair it. Over the years it's taken longer to write to the card. Ever since I have felt the need to get something better. At the end of 2011, in September, Nikon announced the answer to the question I had been asking, "what next?"

The Nikon D7000.
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I had to get a lens too, of course so I went with a friend's advice and got the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM. The adventure to get this this was a kind of blur. I may blog about it sometime. Where to go from here, is only up. To be continued...
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