Aug 2, 2012

Leaving Hamamatsu

I arrived in Hamamatsu on November 2nd, 2011. For the past nine months I have called Shizuoka-ken my home away from home. Some of things I love about Hamamatsu are as follows: The best thing about Hamamatsu is the climate. While I might have been lucky that it has been relatively mild, temperature wise, I feel like by default, the climate in Hama is drier and cooler than most places in Japan that I've had the privilege to visit. That alone makes it a special place.

I was lucky to meet some wonderful folks too! In particular there are a few people who have shown mind-blowing support and kindness. I will miss weekend bike rides to the beautiful pine tree coast that Hamamatsu gets its name from. From the mountains, to the ocean, to the rivers, and the Hamanako lake; the natural majesty and diversity has been a true pleasure to experience. While I look forward to a different experience elsewhere I will never forget Hamamatsu, it's people or it's natural surroundings!

Hamamatsu will always be my second home, my first real home away from home. Perhaps someday I will find myself guided by the strong Hamamatsu wind once more.

Thank you Hamamatsu :)

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  1. I do not really know what the French word homage can be translated to in English, perhaps in Japanese there is more likely to be an equivalent. It seems you have produced a sort of homage to your time in Hamamatsu. Perhaps you will find other attributes in your new home to compare and contrast and make an indelible part of your life's story.Best wishes