Sep 17, 2012

Free English Teaching Material

Learning to use the English language

When anyone is learning to use a new language its good for them to use the new alphabet/collection of characters in various ways outside of writing or reading. For me this means creating little 'cards' of each character so that words can be explored in a hands on way outside of writing.

Writing in English

While writing in English can be very beneficial to learning the language there are different parts of the brain that understand its creation (motor memory) and another part that aids in understanding what the letter means. This is my theory anyway. I don't know the science behind this. So be cause a lot of people get caught up in what style to use or where the letters are placed I've decided to add a different way to learn spelling/reading.

Writing in Japanese

Japanese language doesn't use spaces or capitals or lowercase and therefore when kids are learning to read and write in both languages at the same time they will often forget to put spaces between words when they write in English. They can also completely miss out on punctuation and capitalization.

Spelling Without Writing

I've decided to share this in case anyone can use it too! Save this photo below, print it out on some nice paper. Then cut along the grey lines and laminate it.
Once your  kids have learned their ABCs, its time to make sure that they don't have to chant it every time to single out letters. This will aid in that process. It will also help in getting them to think about both capital letter and lowercase as you can have them match big and small. You can also have them recreate the alphabet or even spell out words.

Download: Spelling Letters - right click and 'save link as' 
Let me know  of you use this and if you have any ideas for other teaching materials!

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