Oct 1, 2012

S.P.Y. What The Future Holds

The music I listen to

The genre is called Drum and Bass and just as the name implies its full of percussion. But its more than that as (if you don't already know) you will find in this post. This music is run at a quick tempo of around 160-180bpm which is on a whole different rhythm level compared to most other music. I aim to share some great resources for quality Drum and Bass here in this post.

Every so often I invest in the audio pleasure I get from the people I tune in to, over at bassdrive.com (which is an internet radio station for some of the best drum and bass around the world)
"Hospital Records is an independent record label based in South London. Primarily releasing Drum and bass, the label was started in 1996 by Tony Colman and Chris Goss, and has grown in recent years to become one of the most well known labels within UK dance music. The label is home to artists such as High Contrast, Netsky, London Elektricity, Danny Byrd, Camo & Krooked, B-complex, Mistabishi, Logistics, Nu:Tone, S.P.Y., and Cyantific to list a few artists. " -wikipedia
I subscribe to Hospital Records Youtube Channel which provides some timely updates of music videos to their releases! What else could you want from a record company right? Recently (as of this post) they released a video (below) for the track by S.P.Y. entitled "You" which was the catalyst for me to invest in this album. Check some of the track on this albom below:

If liked what you heard, check out the rest of the album at their store either on their website or on itunes.

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