Feb 15, 2013

What is love?

Love is a sea of dreams.

When we go swimming in this sea, sometimes we just paddle around in the shallow parts and the Shores of Friendship are so close that it's hard to tell that we are indeed in (the sea of) Love.

Love is the comfort of a combination of atmosphere and personality. We choose our atmosphere and our personalities are our experiences up until now.

The result of time and place are the feelings of the waves that can be gentle or crashing.

If you've found yourself deep in (the sea of) love sometimes it's disorienting, which way is up? When do we come up for air? (take a breather)

Love takes patience, responsibility, time, effort, risk, luck, and trust.

Love gives us an insight to the core of humanity and really life in general as all things understand love. Because we all go for a swim in some way during our short lives.

We can only find love if we know where the shore of friendship is in relation to the deserts of being alone.

Love is a sea of different emotions.

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